Reasons Why You Should Have Your Leaking Air Conditioner Repaired

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Reasons Why You Should Have Your Leaking Air Conditioner Repaired

12 August 2016
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If you have a central air conditioning system, then the appliance will have refrigerant or coolant that runs through copper metal pipes. This refrigerant is essential to the cooling process. The coolant will change from a gas to a liquid so it can absorb heat, and then it will revert back to a gas to dispel heat. If you have a coolant leak, then you may invest in a refrigerant recharging to make sure your system has enough of the coolant it needs. However, this simply adds coolant that has been lost through the leak. It does not resolve the leak problem. You should resolve the issue with a permanent leak repair, and there are many reasons why you should do this.

You May Be Polluting The Environment

If your central air conditioning unit was manufactured before 2010, then it likely holds Freon, R-22, or HCFC-22. All of these refrigerants are the same type of chlorodifluoromethane. Chlorodifluoromethane is a type of hydrochlorofluorocarbon that is bad for the environment. The refrigerant is a gas that evaporates into the air very quickly when your AC system springs a leak. The evaporated gas floats up into the atmosphere until it reaches the ozone layer. The refrigerant then mixes with the gas in the ozone layer and absorbs UV light. Chlorine is released in the process and breaks down the ozone gases until they turn into oxygen. The oxygen moves into the air, and a portion of the ozone layer is destroyed. 

If you are recharging your AC system instead of repairing the leak, then you are allowing Freon to destroy the ozone layer. You can prevent this by working with an HVAC professional who can perform a leak detection test. An electronic leak detector will most likely be used. There are two types of detectors that can find leaks. The tool may have an end with an electrically charged tip that senses the presence of the refrigerant. Leak detectors with heated tips may also be utilized. These tools break down the refrigerant as it is released into the air, and a sensor sounds as the broken-down chlorine and fluorine ions reach the sensor diode. 

Once the leak is found, your air conditioning specialist will inform you where the leak is located and how a repair can be made. Coolant lines or a leaking coolant compressor may need to be replaced. Seals and gaskets may need to be replaced around the compressor as well. Coolant must be removed from the system before the repair is made. When this happens, ask your HVAC professional about using a different refrigerant to fill the system. Newer refrigerants may be able to be used in place of the R-22. 

You Can Reduce Your Electrical Costs

When you have a slow refrigerant leak, the Freon will leak out a little at a time. While this may not seem to make much of a difference, this means that your air conditioner will never be working as efficiently as it should. A lower volume of coolant means less gas moving through the compressor. The compressor will then need to work harder and longer to squeeze the available gas into a liquid. If only a small amount of liquid travels through the coolant lines, then only a bit of heat can be pulled from the air. Warmer air will be moved into your home and the AC will need to turn on more often to keep up with the cooling needs of your house. All of these things result in a much greater use of electricity, and you will likely see this increase when you receive your electric bills. Unfortunately, you will not feel an increase in cool air.

A full leak repair can reduce your electrical bills and encourage air conditioner efficiency. Not only is this cost effective and environmentally friendly, but it will reduce overworking and overheating concerns. This means your air conditioner is likely to last longer. For more information, contact a company like Universal Refrigeration.