Spring Plumbing Maintenance Tips

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Spring Plumbing Maintenance Tips

2 March 2017
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Spring brings with it warmth and a respite from the snowy days of winter. As the ground begins to thaw, you may find that you need to engage in some basic home maintenance in order to prevent serious damage to your property. Taking the time to do some spring cleaning when it comes to your home's plumbing system can be a simple and effective way to ensure you always have access to reliable plumbing services.

Here are three spring plumbing maintenance tips that you can't afford to overlook as the weather begins to warm up.

1. Pour some water down drains that weren't used during the winter.

If you have drains on your property that don't see a lot of use during the winter months (like floor drains), then you need to ensure that the spring thaw doesn't bring obnoxious odors along with it. Pouring some water down these drains during the spring ensures that there is enough water in the drain's trap to prevent odors from seeping back into your home.

Since the weather is warm enough to ensure that the additional water added to an infrequently used drain will not freeze in the pipes, spring is the perfect time to protect your home from foul-smelling odors by pouring a little water down each of your drains.

2. Check to ensure your sump pump is working.

A sump pump plays a critical role in preventing flooding and water damage from plaguing your home. The spring thaw can produce a lot of excess moisture, and this moisture is bound to find its way into the soil near your home's foundation. Be sure that you take the time to check for proper sump pump function as spring sets in.

Try pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit. A functional pump will immediately kick on and pump the water safely away from your home. If your pump doesn't seem to be working right, contact a plumbing contractor to repair the pump before spring precipitation and thawing snow can flood your home.

3. Reduce the temperature on your water heater.

Many homeowners find that they are comfortable using lukewarm water during the spring and summer months. If you want to reduce the strain extremely hot water can place on your pipes and plumbing fixtures, it can be beneficial to reduce the temperature setting on your home's water heater.

Reducing the temperature of the water stored in the heater's tank will not only increase your comfort, it will also help you reduce your monthly energy costs.

Take the time to invest in some spring cleaning and maintenance for your home's plumbing system. Add some water to drains, check the function of your sump pump, and reduce your hot water heater's temperature setting to ensure spring doesn't compromise the quality of your home's indoor plumbing.