Proper Steps In Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit's Coils

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Proper Steps In Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit's Coils

9 March 2017
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If you have an air conditioner inside of your home to help keep you cool on hot summer days, you will most likely want it to work effectively when it is needed. Failing to clean the coils inside of a unit each season can lead to an accumulation of debris, which will hinder the amount of cool air that emits from the unit. Here are some steps you can follow to ensure your unit's coils are kept clean so your air conditioner works efficiently all summer long.

Make Sure The Power Is Disconnected Before Cleaning

For safety reasons, it is best to make sure your air conditioner is not connected to an electrical source at the time you do a cleaning procedure. If you do not take the time to unplug your unit, there is a possibility of it turning on while you are working at removing debris. To eliminate the potential of an electrical shock, unplug your unit from the wall outlet, or turn the circuit breaker powering this location to an off position.

Use A Shop Vacuum To Remove Surface Dirt Without Damaging Coils

It is best to use a shop vacuum with a brush attachment to remove dirt from your air conditioning unit's coils. This will allow outdoor debris to accumulate in the base of the vacuum after it is removed from the coils, keeping it from spreading around the exterior portion of your home. Remove the cover to your unit, and plug in your vacuum in an exterior outlet. Hold the brush a few inches from the coils as you remove dust accumulation. This will aid in keeping the coils from becoming damaged during the cleaning process.

Wipe Away Caked-On Debris With A Soft Piece Of Material

Since your air conditioning unit is unplugged, you can use a bit of liquid to help in removing grime that does not come off of the coils via the vacuum cleaner attachment. Make sure the cleanser you select is safe for electrical components. Dilute the cleaner in some water, and place it in a small bucket. Use a piece of microfiber cloth to apply the mixture to the coils. Do this procedure with a gentle application so the coils do not become bent in the process. Dabbing the mixture on the coils instead of rubbing it into them will help in keeping the coils intact. After you apply the cleaner, remove any excess with a dry piece of microfiber cloth. Keep the cover off your unit for a few hours to allow the air to dry the coils in their entirety.

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