Three Signs Your Commercial Walk-In Freezer Needs to Be Repaired

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Three Signs Your Commercial Walk-In Freezer Needs to Be Repaired

7 August 2017
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As much as you may want it to, your commercial walk-in freezer is not going to last forever. As a restaurant owner, you should be checking your freezer regularly to make sure it is functioning properly. Here are some signs that your commercial walk-in may need repairs soon or needs repairs right away.

The Cold Inside Is Inconsistent

If you walk in and out of your freezer on a daily basis, you get an idea of what it is supposed to feel like. Inside, it should be quite cold. If it suddenly does not feel as cold as it was the day before, and this same sensation continues the next day, call an HVAC contractor to come take a look. 

Your Thermometers Register Different Temperatures

You should have freezer thermometers inside your walk-in. This is how health inspectors keep track of and record your freezer's temperatures so that you are only cooking and serving safe food. You can check your thermometers daily, too. If any of them are registering different temperatures, or they are not registering the required temperature to keep food frozen or cold, you need commercial cooling repairs for sure.

Your Food Supply Is Rotting

Step inside your walk-in and get a blast of rotting stink in your face? Despite the fact that you feel some wafts of cooler air, the smell and/or sight of rotting meat and produce is a definitive indication that something is wrong here. You need to hurry and get this fixed or any more food you add to the freezer will be just as rotten and unusable as what you have now. Before the HVAC technician arrives, begin disposing of everything in the freezer so that the bacteria inside does not poison the technician while he/she fixes your freezer.

The Freezer and/or Its Fans Do Not Kick on When the Freezer Opens

Another indication that your freezer has some major issues occurs when the freezer's fans or system do not kick on when you open the freezer's door. These commercial freezers are designed to react to warmer air entering the freezer, which happens every time the door is opened. If your freezer displays no reaction at all to warmer air when you open the door, your entire freezer is on the outs. You could lose thousands of dollars of meat and produce for your restaurant if you do not get someone to look at the freezer right away.