Boiler Trouble Signs Homeowners Should Know

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Boiler Trouble Signs Homeowners Should Know

16 October 2017
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Although boiler heating systems are known to be pretty low-maintenance, that doesn't mean that they are totally problem-free. In fact, even boiler systems can encounter problems in some situations. As a homeowner, it's important that you understand the problems that your boiler could experience and what each of them means. Here are a few of the more common problems that you could encounter.


You might dismiss a small leak in the boiler system as nothing much to worry about, but the truth is that leaking boilers are a cause for concern. Even the smallest water leak in a boiler can become a large leak over time, especially if you neglect the source of the leak. Over time, this could actually lead to a complete boiler system failure. If you're seeing any leak, no matter how small, make sure you call a boiler repair technician.

Reduced Heating Output

If your boiler system seems to be struggling to keep your home warm now, that's an indication that it's lost some of its heating output. This is a common problem as boilers age, because the system wears down. If this is happening to you, it may mean that it's time to start looking for a new boiler to replace the old one.

Problems With The Burner Assembly

The burner assembly is crucial to the boiler's operation because it's what the system uses to heat the water. When the burner assembly isn't functioning as it should, whether it's not lighting or not staying lit, you'll find reduced heat output. In fact, if the problem is the burner assembly, you'll notice a drastic reduction in heat output which goes beyond the reduction mentioned above due to age.


Boiler systems make all kinds of noise when they operate, but some noises are more significant than others. For example, if you're hearing a sound that resembles a deep rumble while the boiler is running, that's cause for immediate attention. The noise, called kettling, happens due to trapped water inside the heat exchanger. Usually, it's due to a buildup of lime scale or something similar. When the water gets trapped, it evaporates. That evaporation causes a marked increase in pressure in the heat exchanger, which leads to the noise. If you don't deal with that type of situation right away, it could lead to a cracked heat exchanger if the pressure exceeds what the system can handle.

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