The Four Biggest Benefits Of Radiant Floor Heating

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The Four Biggest Benefits Of Radiant Floor Heating

29 November 2017
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Radiant floor heating is one of those features of a home that may seem extravagant and unnecessary. However, it is actually becoming a popular trend because there are many benefits to it that many people don't realize. Here are the four biggest benefits of it:

  1. Energy Efficiency: First off, radiant floor heating provides efficient warmth in the room, so much so that you might not even need to turn on the regular heat in the home. This saves you on energy costs, especially since the floor heating uses less energy than regular heating does anyway. On top of this, the floor heating warms up the entire space of the room rather than only certain areas. For example, the warm air coming from your heater is going to warm up the air around the vents first before it's able to warm up the rest of the space. Even still, cold spots are going to be left where the vent can't reach. 
  2. Little Maintenance: Once the radiant floor heating is installed, you are going to have basically no maintenance for many years. This means you are getting the most for your money. On top of this, it's easy to control since you can attach it to your programmable thermostat. 
  3. Works on All Floors: Keep in mind that you don't have to change the type of flooring that you want in your home. Radiant floor heating even works with carpet, which is a huge benefit if you want to warm up a space but keep carpet in there too. This means you don't have to worry about making any changes to the type of flooring in your home either in the future. 
  4. Better Air Quality: Finally, you can expect better air quality in your home since it doesn't affect oxygen levels whereas regular heaters do because they reduce them. On top of this, there is no movement of dust in the home from moving around the home through the heat vents. This is much better for those who have kids in the house or pets since pets leave a lot of dander and dust in the home that move throughout the home when the heat is turned on. 

These are the four biggest benefits of radiant floor heating that just adds convenience to your life that keeps your home much more comfortable and healthy. This is why it's starting to become popular as a necessity rather than a luxury. Companies like Custom Comfort can help you understand your options.