AC Acting Up? It Could Be One Of These Three Issues

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AC Acting Up? It Could Be One Of These Three Issues

11 April 2018
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No homeowner wants to deal with a broken air conditioner. Unfortunately, these appliances do break down, and it often happens when you need it the most. Here are a few problems you could be experiencing with your home's air conditioner.

Fan Issues

One critical component of a central air conditioner is the fan. It is what forces that cold air through your entire home, and without it, you won't be able to feel anything coming out of the vent. The fan can have several issues that cause it to malfunction. For instance, a motor without lubrication could cause a problem where it burns out. There can also be debris within the unit that prevents the fan from spinning at optimal speeds, or a broken belt so that the motor cannot connect to the fan.

This is one problem worth having an HVAC technician look at, even though you think you may be able to handle it on your own. It will involve replacing specific parts that can be difficult to track down for your home's specific furnace.

Refrigerant Issues

Refrigerant is another part of the central AC system that is needed for it to run. Unfortunately, the refrigerant can become degraded after years of being used, which will require refrigerant replacement. The refrigerant itself should never run out unless there is a bigger problem with the system.

If you've found that the air conditioner doesn't have the proper amount of refrigerant in it, there could be a leak that needs to be repaired. Adding more refrigerant is not going to fix the issue since it will leak right back out of the system. The good news is that it is inexpensive to have a professional track down a refrigerant leak and fix it since it is a fairly easy repair to have done.

Coil Issues

The bigger problem you'll run into with coils in your air conditioner is when they become dirty. For example, a dirty condenser coil will not be able to absorb the heat, which will produce warm air that blows throughout your ductwork. You'll want to take steps to make sure that the coils are clean, which will keep the cold air flowing.

These are just a couple reasons that you are having air conditioner problems. It is best to have annual maintenance done to your air conditioner to ensure that everything is running smoothly and to avoid downtime. To learn more, contact a company like AIR PRO SERVICES