4 Radiant Heating Maintenance Tips To Ensure Your Systems Is Trouble-Free This Winter

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4 Radiant Heating Maintenance Tips To Ensure Your Systems Is Trouble-Free This Winter

29 August 2018
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Seasonal maintenance of any heating system is important, and your radiant heating system is no exception. The good thing about radiant heating is that with the right routine maintenance before you use your heating, it will be trouble-free all winter. Here are some seasonal radiant heating maintenance tips to give your trouble-free comfort all winter.

1. Inspecting the Boiler for Problems, Dirt, and Debris

The boiler for radiant heating systems may have collected dirt and debris if it has not been used since last winter. It is important to inspect the boiler and check for safety hazards like animals nesting in vent pipes or poor ventilation of the area where the boiler is installed. You want to check the boiler, exhaust vents, and the area around the boiler to ensure everything is clean, and that there is nothing to hamper efficiency or cause hazards.

2. Radiant Heating Plumbing Lines and Bleeding the Air Out

With radiant heating systems, there are also pipes that feed water or other liquids to the boiler and heating. Over time, these pipes eventually get air in them, which can hamper the efficiency of your radiant heating system and damage parts like pumps. Bleed the air out of plumbing lines, radiators, and your boiler when you do regular seasonal maintenance to your system.

3. Checking All Valves and Opening Them to Allow for Heating

Radiant heating systems often have valves on individual radiators, floorboard elements or areas of floor systems. During the warmer months, these valves are often closed to prevent heat from circulating through the system. If you have valves that are closed when it is warm, check them before winter to ensure they are open, and your heating is working efficiently to keep your home comfortable.

4. Servicing and Inspecting Fuel or Electric Connections Before Starting Heating

Before the winter months arrive, you are going to want to have your system serviced and inspected by a professional. The heating repair service will inspect the boiler and other heating system parts for wear and do any repairs that are needed before winter. In addition, the fuel supply and electrical installation of your heating will also need to be checked before starting the heating when cool weather arrives.

These are some seasonal radiant heating maintenance tips will give your trouble-free heating all winter. If you need help with servicing your system and doing the required maintenance, contact a heating repair service to ensure your home is comfortable all winter. For more information, check out a website like http://www.coeheatcool.com.