Tips For Quick Air Conditioning Repair

When the elderly live alone, their children worry about their HVAC systems, especially in extreme weather. Find ways a contractor can help your loved one here.

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Tips For Quick Air Conditioning Repair

4 March 2019
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Repairing an air conditioner can be a very expensive affair. Of course, there are a lot of times when you can avoid a costly repair by troubleshooting the AC before giving a call to a professional. You will be surprised to know that most of your problems are something that you can fix in a jiffy.

Often, your AC will not work due to the simplest problems. And when you learn what you could have done, it can be very frustrating to know that you have spent hundreds of dollars on something you could have done yourself.

Here are some AC repair tips that you can do by yourself.

Examine the ducts

If you are comfortable climbing into the attic, make sure that you check the air ducts out. Sometimes, these ducts get so dirty that they block the steady flow of air. Hence, you need to make sure that they are clean. Also, you will often see a heavy item that is accidentally blocking the air ducts. A check will show you whether air is flowing freely through the ducts.

Give your air conditioner a good cleaning

There are times when an AC does not perform as it should. In cases like these, you just might have to give it a good cleaning. A dirty air conditioner will give off humid air. Begin cleaning the blades of the AC and work your way inside. Remove all the debris and dust you find. It is advised that you be cautious while cleaning the unit and not break any component off.

Melt off the ice

Sometimes, an air conditioning system stops working because some internal components get frozen, especially the filters. Melting the ice is the simplest solution. Just switch off the system and run the room fanning system to melt the ice quickly. You can also let the ice melt on its own. Once done, you can resume using your air conditioner.

Change the filter

Most of the AC repair jobs can be avoided simply by replacing the filter. If your filter is clogged and dirty, it can cause a lot of problems with the AC unit. Also, the lack of air will greatly affect the cooling efficiency of the air conditioning system. Hence, you need to check your filters on a regular basis and change them as soon as you notice something is off.

While the above repairs are quite easy, you might also find other electrical or mechanical problems with your air conditioner that might cause problems and cannot be solved without the help of a professional. In cases like these, do not hesitate to call an air conditioning repair professional for help.